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Small Projects

We offer a simplified approach to smaller projects which aims to be cost effective for the client.  

A small project can be a single room or a whole house but where the lighting installation causes minimal disturbance to the building and where sophisticated control systems are not required. Much of the lighting will concern the updating of older fittings with energy efficient LED fittings and the use of free standing lighting - table and floor lamps for example - to avoid the need for costly construction.

To enable us to offer this service we require drawings of the rooms and photographs from the client from which we can prepare a proposal for a new lighting system.

We charge a flat fee of £250.00 + VAT per room for this service.

This service is not suitable for projects which are larger in scope where the building is undergoing substantial alterations involving multiple trades.  In such cases our Full Design Projects is more appropriate.

The slides below give an overview of the working method.

Project | Country Cottage

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