Services - Small Projects


Our portfolio boasts projects of every scope and scale, from boutique chic to classic opulence - each requiring a unique design approach.  We work in close collaboration with the client and design team to create custom designs that balance aesthetics, function, maintenance and cost.

Our projects are staged which allows us to integrate easily with the RIBA architectural stages and also gives the opportunity to review the project with the client and design team at each stage to ensure the best outcome for the client.


Key to the design is establishing the client design brief and understanding the project.  Following this detailed study, a conceptual lighting design scheme is developed to present to the client and design team for comment and approval.


Based on feedback, we work with the design team to develop the conceptual design into a preliminary design package with drawings, detail illustrations, luminaire specifications, load summaries, budgets and other technical information to ensure that any regulation and technical requirements are met.  Notes and sketch details are developed for any custom and built-in lighting elements.  The client and design team are presented with a preliminary design package for tender, review and comment.


On approval, the design is developed into a final construction package from which the project can be built.  This is a detailed package with fully annotated drawings, details, control schedule and technical luminaire specification.  A final review of any custom lighting elements is undertaken, including sign-off of any mock-ups.  This package is issued to the team for construction.


We pride ourselves on being there to the final hand-over of a project. We work with the construction team to ensure the design is implemented as designed and that the lighting is commissioned and light levels set to achieve the best possible result.

Services - Large Projects

For larger projects we work broadly within the RIBA Stages of work as outlined below. 


These stages enable us to co-ordinate the lighting design with the architectural and interior design right trough from feasibility to commissioning.

Stage 1 Feasibility 

The feasibility stage is carried out in close co-operation with the client. This is the first, very preliminary analysis of the feasibility of a lighting project. At this stage there is no concept and design yet.

Scope of the stage:

    •    at the beginning the client’s requirements are discussed, including the time frame of the project,                scope of services, conditions, and estimated budget

    •    consultation and assistance on the implementation plan of the lighting project

    •    consultation and assistance on the preparation of budget estimates and determination of required            documents

    •    customer receives the collected information in the form of Project Feasibility Report/Preliminary                Design Assumptions

Stage 2 Concept Design

At this stage, together with the client we develop a lighting solution within the architectural concept that meets the client's requirements whilst retaining the integrity of the overall design concept.  We get to know in detail the scope of the project, the client’s expectations, all known and possible technical and financial criteria.

Scope of the stage:

    •    meetings and consultations with the customer

    •    meetings and consultations with the architect and/or other project team members

    •    development of our lighting concepts presented in the form of visualization (sketches, simulations            or renderings, the scope does not include photorealistic visualizations)

    •    lighting concept also includes presentation in the form of drawings of selected projections (typical,            representative)

    •    assistance in the preparation of budget and preliminary information on electric system, operating              costs and energy-saving strategies

    •    the customer receives collected information in the form of Concept Design; Preliminary Cost                    Estimate; Design Assumptions

Stage 3 Developed Design

After approval of the concept, this stage is about developing plans and lighting specifications.

Scope of the stage:

    •    meetings and consultations with the architect and/or other project team members, including                      electrical designers for new facilities and additionally technical services and maintenance for retrofit          buildings

    •    lighting design for the core areas including drawings of luminaires’ arrangement (drawings in                    AutoCAD or Revit)

    •    calculations for representative zones (Dialux calculations)

    •    technical documentation: data sheets or a list of luminaires

    •    sketches of applied detail solutions (where applicable)

    •    schematic solution of the lighting control system (if required) with a description of functionalities;              equipment selection, preparation of the CAD drawing

    •    preliminary draft of emergency lighting (if required)

    •    cost breakdown

    •    customer receives the collected information in the form of Construction Project; Cost breakdown

Stage 4 Technical Design

At this stage we develop and pass on details of lighting solutions, installation, technical guidance, details of the lighting control system and other information that is required by the project. This is a stage in which we prepare to formulate tender documents.

Scope of the stage:

    •    multi-disciple consultations with architects, electrical designers for new facilities, and technical and          maintenance services for retrofit buildings

    •    cooperation, consultation and coordination of the lighting project with the architectural project of the          building, its electrical design, construction and mechanical design

    •    complete lighting project including drawings of the arrangement of luminaires and lighting                          equipment (drawings in AutoCAD or Revit)

    •    Dialux calculation for the entire facility or representative zones

    •    lighting control design (if required) with a description of functionality:

    •    – equipment selection

    •    – CAD drawing (facilities’ placement, mains position, etc.).

    •    – integration of control systems with other building systems (e.g. BMS) presented schematically

    •    Control Strategy and Scene Schedule

    •    design of emergency lighting (if required)

    •    details (where required)

    •    technical documentation: data sheets, Operation and Manual Documentation

    •    complete specification of lighting equipment with the investor’s cost estimate

    •    ROI (Return Over Investment), TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) calculations (if required)

    •    tabular data for LEED, BREEAM (if required)

    •    customer receives the collected information in the form of Technical Project (Tender Project);                    Estimate Investor Cost Break Down

Stage 5 Construction

To ensure the project architect’s supervision and full implementation of our project we support the contractor of the installation in accordance with our project. At this stage, we can visit the facility and answer all questions.

Scope of the stage:

    •    meetings with the project team or the executive on the object

    •    final review of the installed lighting and assistance in adjusting/pointing the light fixtures and                      providing guidelines for contractors

    •    support for electrical works contractor in programming lighting scenes according to the                              documentation