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Swimming Pool House in garden with LED lighting
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A Surrey Pool House Restored

Fourth Dimension Lighting Design creates atmosphere in a restored pool house in the
Surrey countryside

This pool house was in a poor state when we were asked to consider how best to light the building such that it was inviting and enjoyable to use all year round.

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PRODUCTS - Lighting Control

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The Challenge

This swimming pool building, separated from the main residence by a gravel drive and mature garden border, was tired and run down. The terrace surrounding the pool house was likewise in poor shape.

Bringing the building and terrace back to life required considerable refurbishment which gave us the opportunity to be adventurous with the lighting proposal.

The lighting around the building was non existent, whilst the interior of the pool house relied on the under water pool lights and a group of badly corroded ceiling mounted spotlights.


As the glazed front and side wall were being replaced, we decided to light the building such that the exterior and interior blended, making the space a delight to use all year round.

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Our Approach

Pool houses are notoriously problematic as the atmosphere is very warm and humid and these are ideal conditions for corrosion within light fittings.

We therefore decided that all of the lighting, inside and out, should come from uplights.  We therefore selected uplights from MP Lighting of Canada in 316 stainless steel for the internal fittings and anodised bronze for the external fittings.  


The uplights are set into the paving around the pool edge and the newly painted interior in an off white colour for both walls and ceiling provides a perfect reflector to enable the space to have adequate light levels. The lighting is controlled with a Lutron dimmer system and is operated remotely from the client's house opposite the pool building.

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The Finished Project

The lighting defines the building structure and lights the interior in a clean and distinct manner.  It is now an enjoyable space where the interior and exterior blend together such that the house and terrace work for both the family and larger groups or parties.

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