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A Music Room in a New Light

Fourth Dimension Lighting Design Illuminates 
a Historic Boston Home

Built in 1883 and designed by the prestigious architects Rotch & Tilden, this historic home in Boston’s Back Bay is an authentic timepiece of the late 19th century.

TSP Smart Spaces asked us to design the lighting for this unique space which led to a wonderful collaboration over a two year period and a stunning result.


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The Challenge

Before the installation of the new lighting, the room was underlit and lifeless.

The lighting in the main room consisted of four glass pendants better suited to a railway station than a fine classical room, accompanied by a number of very large uplights within the window reveals and a ring of light within the central corona. The overall result was dull and unimaginative.

The room therefore presented numerous opportunities for discrete LED lighting that would be used to not only improve the overall light quality in the room but to enhance the architectural features of the room. 

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Our Approach

Our approach was to use multiple layers of light from ground to ceiling, all of which would be managed through a Lutron control system. Our client, TSP Space, wanted to use light wherever possible and were undeterred by the technical problems that this challenge created.


Our main concern was that of getting power to all of the necessary lighting points in a room as ornate as this. In particular, we wanted to install miniature LEDs behind each of the columns as well as linear LEDs along the top of the moulding below the cornice. Add to this all fittings needed to be discrete with even light distribution and without glare or hotspots.

We planned to use in ground uplights in the timber floor within the window reveals but investigation of the underfloor heating system indicated that this would not be possible. We therefore resorted to using tiny yet powerful downlights within the coffered ceiling.

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The Finished Project

The overall effects of the lighting layers have exceeded our expectations.  The enormous care and attention to detail by the entire team both in the UK and Boston has created a superb project.

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