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Let there be Light...

Fourth Dimension Lighting Design improves
the lighting within a college chapel

Malvern College in Worcestershire was founded in 1865 but for the first 34 years of its existence did not have a chapel building. However, a new chapel designed by Arthur Blomfield was opened in 1899 and was then extended on the south side in 1908. 

PRODUCTS - Lighting

PRODUCTS - Lighting Control

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The Challenge

The chapel at Malvern College is very fine building on the east side of the Malvern Hills dating back to 1899.

During its existence it has had a number of lighting solutions each reflecting the changes in technology over the years.

When we were commissioned to to rethink the lighting the interior was lit with metal halide uplights and a series of strips let into the pelmet below the stained glass windows. The glare was overwhelming and the colour temperature too cold. It was clear that the lighting needed to less harsh and more in keeping with such a fine building.

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Our Approach

We wanted the luminaires to be as discreet as possible such that from the west progressing to the east the lighting was not visible with the light appearing from the heavens.

This meant mounting the luminaires some 17 metres above the floor level.

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The Finished Project

The re-lit interior is now warm and inviting. Our objective of mitigating glare has been achieved for the most part by the use of honeycomb louvres on the spotlights.

The LED strip along the rafters creates a warm glow that gentle lights the roof structure.  Even though a control system was not used on this project, having the lighting on discrete circuits enables the church to be lit in different ways to suit the service or time of year.

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